Ungowami (single)

Artist Name: C-FOUR
Music Genre: Hip Hop
Release date: 16/04/2016. C-FOUR
Total Tracks: 1

Album Tracks

1. Ungowami
C-FOUR feat Dj Salim

About C-FOUR

C-FOUR is a Zimbabwean hip-hop group from the city of Bulawayo, originally composed of Mendoz_Da_Mystic; Tawaz_Da_Alpha; Slick Raigne and Kā€™Dollar Wil_fred. Born in 2011 at Ihlathi High School, then it was officially formed in the South-Western Township of Sizinda in the year 2012 under the C.E Recording Label. Started of as just a hip-hop/Rap crew and later on became a movement that advocates in the uplift of the youths, all over across the world.

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