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Born in Mhondoro, Chegutu District Area, Lewis Ngara trained as a Primary School teacher at Nyadire Teachers' College and taught at different schools, urban and rural in Zimbabwe. In recent years, he has relocated to the UK where he has just completed a PhD (awaits a viva). Lewis Ngara is a devout Christian and preacher who has served in the capacity of Chairing Elder in a Pentecostal church.

Lewis is an upcoming music artist, who is destined to storm the music industry, both home and abroad. His music career started while singing at Sunday school and eventually the school and church choirs. The skill was further enhanced at Nyadire Teachers' Training College where he got music lessons. Once he gained exposure, he decided to give recording a go. On his first day in the studio, his producer was amazed at how well he fared because he sang with great enthusiasm. Lewis desires to become an artist and not just a performer and he accepts constructive criticism from others. He is a dynamic musician who does not confine himself to a single genre. Also, while he mainly sings gospel music, Lewis has a generic music album that contains songs such as Ndafunga Kwedu KuZimbabwe which was played using African traditional style. The strong feel in the song intrigues the Zimbabwean community in the Diaspora to have some rosy memories about home. Lewis has just started doing live performances around small to medium venues in the UK and people are getting to recognise him as an artist and song writer. He gets his inspiration from Charles Charamba and South African gospel musicians.

One of Lewis Ngara's 8 track gospel album 'Jesus is Calling' features the songs -We Found The Way, Hallelua Amen, Waendepi Jeso, You Are Holly Lord, Jesus is Calling, Handichatamba naSatani (New Version), Keep Me Strong Lord and Hama Dzangu. You can see Lewis Ngara's music on YouTube - ludza100. Feel free to get in touch with Lewis Ngara on 00447859901108/00441484 309391, email - lwsngara@yahoo.co.uk. Lewis is also on tweeter and Skype. Any help is welcome.

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